Pastoral Leadership

10 Crazy Questions Asked by Pastoral Search Committees

"Serving on a pastoral search committee is a tough assignment tasked to church members who may not have interview training or anything to go off other than their personal preferences for a new pastor. As such, most pastors have had their fair share of interesting search committee experiences." - Facts & Trends

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Correction from the Pulpit or In Person?

"The practice is more obvious when the message is not expository or the application is not plainly taught from the text. Preaching is used, not to expound the scripture, but to 'send a message' to a specific individual or group of individuals from the pulpit during the sermon." - Proclaim & Defend

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A Pastor Dies By Suicide: Three Things We All Need to Know

"I received the below question, which is often asked concerning this issue: 'If a minister confides to leaders in his church that they are contemplating suicide, do you think their ministry is over?' I responded that it depends on the church. Unfortunately, we all know that would be disqualifying a lot of churches." - Christianity Today

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On “The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor's Heart”

From the book: "To be able to bring them the one thing needful when all other things fade away, there’s nothing quite like it. To have something to give when everyone else stands by helplessly, to be able to say something of eternal significance when all other speech, however well-intended, rings hollow on the ear—this is an experience that humbles every pastor." - Challies

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“Grumpy pastor ushered us into this dimly lit classroom—the kind with dark, wood-paneled walls and flickering, florescent lights”

"Love the people of God where they are, no matter how weird they may be." - Strange Tales from the Pulpit Supply Circuit

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