Wheaton's GC2: Facing Hard Truths and Challenges of Pastoral Ministry, “focused on the topics of leadership, burnout and mental health.”

“Wheaton College President Philip Ryken told ministry leaders that issues of mental health and depression aren’t new to spiritual leaders and can be found in the Bible. He paraphrased the words of the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19: ‘I’ve had enough. In fact, I really just want to die.’” - RNS


…like Machen who endured ecclesiastical ostracization, Martin Lloyd-Jones who led his congregation to trust God through terrifying bombing nightly, and Bonhoffer who suffered martyrdom rather than to feel it necessary to shut up.

It seems the feelings of the 21st C. long for a more mindful therapeutic model of spiritual awakening than the theological centered discipleship of those who suffered faithfully in the cause of Christ during the last century. It would be good to commend their writings, and a legion of others down through the years, for mindful study, reflection, and meditation. Perhaps the GC2 did draw heavily on the deep and rich theology of God focused sufferers who have gone before. In their writings we find an emphasis on a trust in the triune God in the face of enormous pressure, threats and darkness. God’s grace overcomes the darkness, does it not? It has in our struggle through our Grace Journey for the last 32 years. God’s grace is amazing.

Gerry Carlson