Conspiracy Theories

Anti-Vaxxers and COVID-19 Denial

"... an important and informative paper authored by epidemiologist Dr. Tara C. Smith and law professor and vaccine advocate Dr. Dorit Reiss. I’ve linked to the journal article below. I urge you to read it. Not only to help serve as a bulwark in your own mind against the fallacious arguments and downright lies being exponentially spread online, but also as an aid for those unpleasant conversations you may find yourself in with COVID-19 deniers." - John Ellis

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#PROTECT2020 Rumor vs. Reality: CISA Addresses Election Fraud Claims

"This webpage is for people with questions about the security of their vote and preemptively debunks potential areas for disinformation. You can learn more about mis- and disinformation from CISA’s Countering Foreign Influence Task Force. Click an icon below to go directly to that section." - CISA

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Challies: Books for understanding the dynamic of conspiracy theories

"What follows is essentially a brief assessment of each of these books—a kind of “lay of the land” when it comes to contemporary writing on conspiracy theory. The majority of them are written from the perspective of secular classic liberalism....the Christian market could use a really good book on the subject" - Challies

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What is QAnon? Why is it popular and dangerous? And how can Christians respond?

"On October 28, 2017, a new user calling himself Q posted on a right-wing site favored by white supremacists called 4chan. Q predicted that Hillary Clinton would be arrested and massive riots would break out nationally on October 30, 2017. When the day came and went without fulfilling Q’s predictions, adherents concluded that the cabal interfered." - Denison

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On Conspiracy Theories: A Review of ‘Conspiracy Theories: A Primer’ by Joseph Uscinski

"many conspiracy theories are non-falsifiable. In other words, any evidence for or against the theory is used to strengthen it, never to weaken it.... At some point, no evidence will shake confidence in a firmly held conspiracy theory, since the denial of a conspirator is only further evidence of the conspiracy." - TGC

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Racism Is Real. But Is “Systemic Racism”? That Time I Was Published by Newsweek—For Two Hours

"Hypersensitivity about 'systemic racism' has many people, of every race, hesitating about being honest about what they think. But honesty and forthright argument are the only antidotes to the fear many people feel, and the only road ahead to racial justice. I expect ad hominem responses to the essay that follows, or willful misunderstandings of its argument....But only good arguments—not silent cowering—can defeat bad ones. If my arguments are bad, I expect someone may give me better ones." - Public Discourse

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Bill Gates, Vaccines, Microchips, and 5G: Shattering COVID-19 Myths

"What fascinates me though, is some people’s propensity to send a link to a YouTube clip, news article, or Facebook post as the final word. Little is done to check its source or accuracy: 'I saw this, and it contradicts what you’re saying, so you’re wrong.' That’s their message over and over." - Rob Buckingham 

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