Conspiracy Theories

On January 6, Two Parties but Many Sides

"In this new election year, there will be a pitched battle between Republicans and Democrats. But there will also be one among Republicans and Democrats. Which Republicans will refuse to condemn their friends and defy the mob? Which Democrats will reject partisianship and stick up for principled Republicans who are defending the rule of law?" - The Dispatch

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Once Again, the Greek Word Pharamakia in Revelation 18:23 Does Not Refer to Big Pharma

"...among New Testament Greek scholars, there is no controversy here, which is quite telling, since they have devoted decades of their lives to studying the language. How is it that people who cannot read a word of Greek know better?" - Michael Brown

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Report: Holocaust denial persists on Facebook one year after push to stanch it

"Holocaust denial aims to cast doubt on the facts of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of 6 million European Jews during World War II. Adherents claim Jews fabricated evidence of their own genocide to gain sympathy or extract reparations from Germany." - RNS

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One-Fourth of White Evangelicals Embrace the QAnon Conspiracy Theory: Poll

"The poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, released Monday, found that 23 percent of white evangelicals and 26 percent of Republicans believe three major tenets of the QAnon theory" - C.Headlines

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