Conspiracy Theories

Why the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ is still pushed by anti-Semites more than a century after hoax first circulated

"Mary Ann Mendoza, a member of the advisory board of President Trump’s reelection campaign, was due to speak on Aug. 25. But she was suddenly pulled from the schedule after she had retweeted a link to a conspiracy theory about Jewish elites plotting to take over the world." - The Conversation

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“The apocalyptic internet movement QAnon is gaining followers by the thousands, and churches are slow to respond”

"Many Christians have sunk so deeply into Q that it fills a lot of their conversations and most of their time online. Cult expert Steve Hassan said he is swamped with thousands of emails from family members concerned about their loved ones who are suddenly deep into QAnon." - WORLD

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QAnon: The alternative religion that’s coming to your church

"Mark Fugitt, senior pastor of Round Grove Baptist Church in Miller, Missouri, recently sat down to count the conspiracy theories that people in his church are sharing on Facebook. The list was long.... But since 2017, a sort of ur-conspiracy theory, QAnon, has coalesced in online forums and created millions of believers." - RNS

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Conspiracy Theories, Engaging Online, and Wisdom: The Intersection of the Three and How to Respond Biblically

"Given the enduring importance of conspiracy theories, I want to circle back to some of the criticism of the DNS article before focusing on few preliminary suggestions on how Christians can begin to think through healthy online habits." - Andrew MacDonald

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Inherited Sin and COVID-19 Epistemology

"I tend to listen to people, who, from the beginning, acknowledge the uncertainty and live in the humility of 'this is what we think we know to the best of our knowledge, but our the data are flawed, and it will change as we improve our understanding—we are trying our best.' It’s hard to get a good tweet to go viral with that though (although some manage to do so!). But at this point, we are all tired of data that doesn’t fit with the opinions we already hold." - By Faith We Understand

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