Conspiracy Theories

Not the mark of the beast: Evangelicals should fight conspiracy theories and welcome the vaccines

"These conspiracy theories, however, are not rooted in reality. Indeed, many of them come from the same sources that previously told us that the coronavirus itself was a hoax or, even worse, a 'plandemic' mapped out by the government for some purpose or another.

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Weighing election fraud claims—again

"Such claims are so numerous, we’ve been unable to examine all of them—but Lindell’s video provides an opportunity to look at several in more detail. For the most part, Lindell’s claims aren’t new. Journalists, public officials, and experts have already disputed or debunked much of the video’s purported evidence of fraud or foreign election interference." - WORLD

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Eric Metaxas Is Being Sued for Spreading Dominion Voting Fraud Claims

"The lawsuit... names as defendants the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, and conservative media outlets and personalities including One America News Network (OAN), Chanel Rion, Michelle Malkin, and Metaxas." - C.Leaders

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How to Lead Your Church in a Truth-Averse Culture

"I’ve found the most effect by engaging in a personal way. If we build up friendship capital, we can draw on that to ask questions of the conspiracy obsessed. We can pose questions like: Should we be focusing on this? Is this an important focus for a Christian? How does this impact our Christian witness? I’ve even shared with a few friends: I think you’ve gotten a little too deep here. I’m worried about you. You’re scaring me a bit here." - Dan Darling

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Survey: More than a quarter of white evangelicals believe core QAnon conspiracy theory

"There was also significant support among white evangelicals for the claim that members of antifa, or anti-fascist activists, were ‘mostly responsible’ for the attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to the survey conducted by the conservative American Enterprise Institute." - RNS

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“I lived in an alternate universe during 1972 and 1973, so I know ideological addiction.”

"My Communist Party addiction lasted only 16 months, but even then I needed God’s merciful intervention to leave that drug behind. Others, though, may be able to regain a grip on reality by popping their right-wing-media-only or left-wing-media-only bubbles. One way to do this is by deliberately developing a Twitter stream that includes both liberals and conservatives." - Olasky

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Russel Moore: How Do I Talk to People Who Fall for Conspiracy Theories?

"I’ve been asked this question more times and by more people than I can count over the past several weeks. ...First of all, realize that the wisdom is true that one cannot reason someone out of something one was never reasoned into in the first place. ...There is no easy step-by-step argument to pull someone out of a Facebook echo chamber. Even so, here are some suggestions." - Russel Moore

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