'Broken' Ergun Caner Resigns as President of Brewton-Parker College

“[T]his position demands a person’s full attention and full strength. At the moment, I have neither. When Braxton died, a part of me died as well.”

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After reading the original BP article I tweeted the following with my commendation.

Caner resigns as Brewton-Parker president so he "can go back to TX & heal w/ my wife & 10 y/o son." http://bit.ly/1J8vcAX  // I commend him!

I can't imagine the pain of losing a child to suicide and was glad that he was returning to be with his family (apparently his wife and sons did not move to GA with him).

This morning in my Feedly, I found a link to a new article about the resignation, that implies that Caner was about to be fired by Brewton Parker.

Dr. Ergun Caner resigned to avoid termination. The primary reason that has been published, and as I understand it the flashpoint of the controversy, was racially offensive comments made by Dr. Caner. At one chapel, 1/3 of the student body (present at chapel) walked out in protest of Caner’s racially insensitive speech. There were other issues, but this one seemed to be the one that cost the support of trustees who had previously stood behind him.

The author referenced the Vidalia paper in this comment:

However, after the Vidalia paper went public with this story, I felt like it would be good to share what I knew to be true.

This is now the 2nd school that has asked him to resign (not sure if Arlington did as well). It may well be that his getting a 'pass' for his fake history, was encouragement to him to continue his 'bad behavior' (for lack of a better phrase), costing him this job. It seems that repentance would have been a better path to take!

Maybe this departure will remove him from the evangelical public stage permanently.

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