Braxton Caner, the 15 year-old son of Ergun Caner, has committed suicide

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No one outside of the immediate family has any reason to be speculating about causes and the like.  Suicide, by its very nature, produces questions that can not be answered in this life.  That is why grieving it is a life-long process, and one that has no natural conclusion (unlike, for example, the death of a parent or a spouse by natural means).  I saw its impact while a hospital chaplain.  To say it leaves a circle of destruction far outside of the one who chooses its path is a vast understatement.

The loss of a child is always unnatural, no matter what the means, but to lose a child via suicide is, for most of us, unthinkable.  The impact upon the family, immediate and extended, can not be understood by anyone else.  The dynamics of those broken relationships are unique to that one family.  Even those who have gone through similar circumstances are “outside,” and can only offer tangential advice and guidance.