Suicide of Pastor's Kid Prompts (Some) Soul-Searching Among Ergun Caner Critics

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Just to be clear, Ergun Caner is not a pastor. I think people should have avoided talking to the son.


I also wish Ergun would've repented of his obvious lies and exaggerations, and that Christian leaders would not have used Ergun in the anti-Calvinism debate. Also, it seems some Calvinists attacked Ergun with less than pure motives. For the record, I do not think James White was in that crowd.

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"I feel it [is] unfair to call my brief interaction with Braxton an 'attack.' I apologized for my interaction with him within 48 hours and still stand by that apology. Unfortunately, it has been said that I 'cyber-bullied' or 'stalked' or 'harassed' Braxton," said Hall in response to questions from The Christian Post Thursday.

That correlation he further explained is not only "unfair" but it has led to threats on his life.

Hall said he has reported "veiled and direct threats" to his life to his local police department in Montana where he resides, and has been forced to take certain actions to protect himself and his family as emotions continue to run high over young Braxton's death.

"Because this is in the realm of possible criminal threats, I've been instructed by some wise counsel only to say the following: law enforcement has been notified and my local police department thought it wise to increase their presence in my neighborhood," Hall noted.

"It would be unwise, given the level of veiled and direct threats, to speak on the issue of what precautions I've taken to secure the safety of myself or my family. Suffice it to say, that it has been reasonable and measured," he added.

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I think at a time like this, it's really inappropriate for him to even think of using the word unfair, especially when a child's life was lost. Give me a break.