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Eastern Univ dropped ban on LGBTQ faculty: Council for Christian Colleges and Universities membership suspended

"The CCCU does not allow member schools that hire married gay faculty members and requires policies upholding traditional Christian marriage between a man and a woman." - RNS

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Al Mohler on Calvin University decision to retain faculty who disagree with doctrinal statement on LGBTQ relationships

"Given the unprecedented pressure to conform to the sexual and gender revolutions, we are about to see another great divide among schools that have identified as evangelical." - Al Mohler

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SWBTS confirms staff cuts, pursues sale of seminary-owned property: 'These have been difficult decisions'

"Dockery told trustees at the October meeting about plans to reduce the operational and personnel budget by around $3.6 million, with Dockery saying that some of their financial challenges 'reflect multi-faceted matters covering a number of years.'" - CPost

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Calvin University inaugurates new president amid growing LGBTQ tensions

"Calvin occupies a more center-left position among evangelical colleges. While it forbids premarital sex and defines marriage as between a man and a woman, it allows a support group for LGBTQ students on campus" - RNS

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SBC Seminary Affirms ‘Men Alone’ May Take Pastoral Office, Function and Title

" Mohler tweeted thanks to seminary trustees for 'passing a unanimous resolution defining pastor as both function and office and limited to men by Scripture as confessed by Southern Baptists in the Baptist Faith & Message.'" - C.Leaders

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