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Democrats call on IRS to review Family Research Council’s ‘church’ status

"‘Given that the (Family Research Council) is primarily an advocacy organization and not a church, we urge the IRS to swiftly review the tax-exempt status,’ reads a letter sent to the IRS and the Treasury secretary." - RNS

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59% of American Christians Say They’re Persecuted, May Not Understand Real Persecution

"...conservative Christian groups have a lot to celebrate. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and delivered a big win to Christians who want to pray in public schools. These are big, historic decisions and they don’t square with a narrative of diminishing religious liberty for Christians." - Relevant

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When Can a Ministry Count as a Church?

"The research team counting all the nondenominational congregations in America did not add any marks to their tally when a conservative Christian think tank in Washington, DC, declared itself an association of churches." - C.Today

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