Religious Liberty

“Fuller Seminary’s recent win is worth celebrating. But the legal rights of faith-based schools are still at risk.”

"In Maxon v. Fuller Theological Seminary, a federal court ruled in favor of religious liberty and in so doing enabled the school’s unique Christ-centered mission. The case involved the ability of religious institutions to set admissions standards according to their sincere beliefs." - C.Today

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U.S. Supreme Court hears argument: Does RFRA allow monetary damages for religious liberty violations?

"Does the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) categorically bar successful plaintiffs from receiving a monetary award? In one of the first cases heard in the new U.S. Supreme Court term, justices heard oral arguments on that question." - BJC

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Federal Judge rules Capitol Hill Baptist may resume in-person outdoor services

"A federal judge quoted Hebrews 10:25 as he ruled against Mayor Muriel Bowser’s restriction on outdoor church services of more than 100 people, allowing Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., to resume in-person outdoor services." - C.Post

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Religious Groups Sue New York State over New COVID Restrictions on Worship

In response to new COVID outbreak clusters, the state "has decided to limit capacity of houses of worship within the clusters to ten people, and to entirely ban mass gatherings in the cluster areas. The two separate lawsuits against the restrictions were brought by Agudath Israel, an organization representing Orthodox Jews, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn." - N.Review

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Church vs. Public Health Orders: Objections & Options

Read Part 1 and Part 2.

When governments place burdensome regulations on churches, what are their options?

I’ve argued that when these regulations are plausibly unconstitutional, or seriously hinder a church’s ability to function as a church—but don’t require disobedience to God—defiance is not the New Testament response. Rather, following the example of Paul’s use of the Roman legal system in his defense, a better option is to obey the authorities God has ordained but to also seek relief through legal means. For convenience, I’ve termed this strategy “comply and resist.”

I’m personally aware of four responses various congregations have chosen:

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DOJ backs Capitol Hill Baptist over DC mayor’s gathering restrictions

"The Department of Justice is backing Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., in its lawsuit against Mayor Murriel Bowser for unfairly applying a ban on outdoor church services of more than 100 people during the COVID-19 pandemic." - C.Post

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