Religious Liberty

China’s state-sanctioned churches to celebrate Communist Party’s centennial

"In the run-up to the Chinese Communist Party’s planned celebrations to mark 100 years of its existence on July 1, churches affiliated with the government are organizing and participating in events that seek to glorify the single-party rule that has persecuted religious communities." - C.Post

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Unanimous court upholds religious liberty of foster-care agency

"In a judgment that spanned the ideological spectrum, the nine justices agreed Philadelphia violated the First Amendment’s protection of the free exercise of religion by refusing to contract with Catholic Social Services (CSS) for foster care services.... because CSS does not place children with same-sex couples." - BPNews

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What a Title IX lawsuit might mean for religious universities

"REAP is leaning on the Court’s decision v. Bob Jones University as a legal precedent for its lawsuit. And this lawsuit comes at a challenging moment for evangelical schools that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation." - The Conversation

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Nevada to pay church $175K for legal battle over COVID-19 worship restrictions

"Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley filed a lawsuit against Nevada in May 2020, accusing Gov. Steve Sisolak of treating churches worse than secular institutions in the state's COVID-19 rules. [And eventually won in the Court of Appeals.]" - C.Post

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Louisiana Pastor seeks revival of suit challenging virus restrictions

"Tony Spell repeatedly flouted the public health restrictions at his Life Tabernacle Church in the Baton Rouge suburb of Central, and he faces six state criminal counts as a result....Lawyers for Spell also are appealing Jackson’s ruling that Spell is not entitled to damages. Spell’s attorneys include Roy Moore, a former Alabama judge and failed U.S. Senate candidate." - RNS

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Biden’s DOJ Says Its Interests Align With Those of Christian Universities Named in Suit

"The CCCU and the universities expressed concern that the federal government will not “vigorously” defend the schools named in the suit and might even be “openly hostile” toward them. But the DOJ argues that this will not be the case because its interests are not in opposition to the interests of the Christian organizations named in the lawsuit." - C.Leaders

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