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Coach Joe Kennedy goes to the Supreme Court and the media coverage gets a B+

"Many of the headlines said the majority-conservative court 'appeared sympathetic' to the coach, which I disagree with. The justices appeared more confused by the conflicting narratives.... Breyer plaintively noted at one point: 'One of my problems in this case, is that the parties seem to have different views of the facts.'" - Get Religion

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Pennsylvania school board votes down parent's request to launch After School Satan Club

"Groome said she wanted her children to be able to participate in extracurricular activities, but sought a secular alternative to the Joy El Christian club, which operates at nine of the 16 school districts in the county and offers off-campus activities." - C.Post

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London Street Preacher Acquitted of Hate Speech After Preaching Biblical Definition of Marriage

"72-year-old street preacher John Sherwood has been cleared of charges of hate speech, a year after an incident in which he was arrested after preaching the traditional definition of marriage in an open air sermon near London’s Uxbridge Underground Station in April 2021." - C.Leaders

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University won’t force Christian professor to use trans pronouns, pays $400K in settlement

"The settlement lifts any requirements for Meriwether to use preferred pronouns for students that may contradict their biological sex, according to ADF. Additionally, the university has reportedly agreed to rescind a written warning issued to Meriwether in June 2018." - C.Post

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