Religious Liberty

Growing share of Americans see the Supreme Court as ‘friendly’ toward religion

"As the Supreme Court prepares to consider whether a Christian web designer can refuse to make websites for same-sex weddings because of her religious beliefs, ...survey shows a jump in the share of U.S. adults who see the Supreme Court as “friendly” toward religion." - Pew

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Most Americans approve of Supreme Court ruling allowing football coach to pray

"according to an AP-NORC poll. ...Less than half approve of players wearing a religious symbol like a crucifix or Star of David while on the field, and 11% disapprove. When asked about kneeling during the national anthem, 30% approve, 33% neither approve nor disapprove, and 37% disapprove." - C.Index

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Colorado baker fighting ruling over gender transition cake

"Jack Phillips, who won a partial Supreme Court victory after refusing to make a gay couple's wedding cake a decade ago for faith reasons is challenging a separate ruling that he violated Colorado law by refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition." - RNS

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No More “Nursing Fathers”: A Baptist Theological Rationale for Religious Liberty

"Backus’s theological rationale of liberty is not that every person should do what he desires, but that every person must reckon with God as an individual. Since authority is a good gift, given by God, submission to the authority of God is the only way to recover 'the liberties of paradise.'" - London Lyceum

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