Religious Liberty

Survey: Evangelical leaders really don’t want to endorse politicians

"But a new survey of evangelical leaders — mainly pastors whose flocks were crucial to Trump’s victory in November — shows that close to 90 percent of those asked opposed the idea of clergy endorsing politicians from the pulpit."

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Theology Thursday - Persecution for Religion Judg’d and Condem’d

Thomas Helwys - John Murton's Predecessor


No author is listed for the following treatise, but most attribute it to John Murton, an associate and successor of Thomas Helwys as leader of General Baptists in London. The treatise first appeared in 1615.1

Leon McBeth wrote,

“Murton made the trek to Amsterdam with Smyth, became a Baptist there, and sided with Helwys in the split from Smyth. He also suffered for his faith, spending some years in prison where apparently he died in 1626. From prison he authored two significant treatises on religious liberty.”2

Murton’s Plea for Religious Liberty

To all that truly wish Jerusalem’s Prosperity and Babylons Destruction; Wisdom and Understanding be multiplyed upon you.

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