Religious Liberty

“[E]merging and serious threats to religious freedom are also coming from the private sector”

"An obvious example is the workplace. I’ve talked for months now that Christians need a 'theology of getting fired.' You might be great at your job (and you should be as a Christian), but you might also face pressure to affirm and support your employer’s political agenda, one that has little to do with the company’s business model or strategic goals." - Breakpoint

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‘The Next Big Religious Freedom Case Just Landed at SCOTUS’

"... it’s simply wrong to equate the government interests in combating the systematic oppression of the Jim Crow South with the City of Philadelphia’s interests in discriminating against a religious program that is directly advancing the public interest by caring for children who face great need." - David French

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San Diego jury awards $300K in workplace religious discrimination suit

"It should go without saying, in the year 2019, that supervisors should not push their religious beliefs on subordinates in the workplace. Instead, by every statistical measure, workplace religious harassment and discrimination remains a significant problem. Too many workers are victimized by an impossible choice: give in to the boss’s religious overtures or face some form of retaliation." - BJC

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