Religious Liberty

6th Circuit sides with Christian prof. who refused to call trans student by preferred pronoun

"A three-judge federal appeals court panel has ruled in favor of an evangelical professor who was punished by Shawnee State University in Ohio for refusing to address a transgender student by the preferred pronoun." - C.Post

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Protecting the Common Good Must Include Religious Freedom

"...some U.S. leaders have in recent years been referring to “freedom of worship” rather  than “religious freedom.” That might seem unimportant but it is actually very significant.  The freedom to worship is the freedom to practice religion in one’s home or house of worship, privately. But the free exercise of religion is the freedom to speak and to act in public on the basis of one’s beliefs." - IFWE

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Another day in court for Jack Phillips

"Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips went one-for-two in court on Thursday. A Colorado court dismissed one claim brought by a transgender customer who sued Phillips after he declined to design a cake that celebrated the customer’s gender identity. But the court also refused to dismiss another of the customer’s claims." - WORLD

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Thinking About a Pastor in a Canadian Jail

"To answer these questions, I think we need to understand something about how Canadian law works and something about the circumstances of this particular case. When we grasp these matters, I am confident that we will have a good idea how to proceed." - Don Johnson

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