Religious Liberty

Updates on religious liberty lawsuits over stay-at-home orders

"Needless to say, this is an area that is fast-moving. And, it’s clear that courts are dealing with a variety of constitutional concerns, as well as public health orders that take radically different approaches. In some cases, local governments have reached agreements or clarified positions in a way that address plaintiffs’ concerns." - BJC 

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Should Christians Resist Their Governors?

"We don’t like submission, we like to rule. This was the first sin - a desire to be as gods and determine what is right and wrong on our own - and it continues to be the source of all our sin. We do not want this man, that man, or any man for that matter, to rule over us (Luke 19:14). For this reason, we should be very slow as Christians to reject our human authorities, realizing the deceptiveness and the bent of our own flesh." - Ben Hicks

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The sad, intolerant legal campaign against Christian baker Jack Phillips continues

"On Thursday, Phillips and his attorneys ... asked a state court to dismiss a case brought against them not by the state of Colorado, which after years has seemingly given up on persecuting the Christian baker, but by an angry transgender lawyer and activist now pursuing him for declining to make a cake explicitly celebrating gender transition." - W. Examiner

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Drive in Easter service: “The Mayor’s response was to send his police department to both churches and issue $500 fines to each attendee.”

"Mayor Simmons has demonstrated a level of incompetence and irresponsibility in three areas.  First, he has abjectly failed to demonstrate why 'drive-in' services—deemed to be acceptable by the standards of the CDC—should be banned along with “in-person” worship services, especially in an environment where drive-in restaurants are neither cited nor even mentioned." - SBC Voices

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“...‘essential service’ is less about whether or not you are important and more about whether or not your NOT gathering in physical proximity would do more harm than good”

"Secondly, this is a Romans 13 situation and not an Acts 5:39 situation. In Acts 5:39 the government was attempting to stop the spread of the gospel. In such an instance you must go against the government. But consider a few things about Romans 13:1-7" - SBC Voices

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