American Worldview Inventory: Only 37% of U.S. “Christian pastors” have a “biblical worldview”

"...their prevailing worldview is best described as Syncretism, the blending of ideas and applications from a variety of holistic worldviews into a unique but inconsistent combination that represents their personal preferences. More than six out of 10 pastors (62%) have a predominantly syncretistic worldview." - CRC

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Living Normally in an Abnormal World

"As Christ followers, we will never feel normal in this world. Sin’s influence keeps the sands shifting beneath our feet. Pandemics, politics, pseudo-science all threaten our security. But as I keep my eyes on the One who secured my salvation and holds my future, I can live steadied by His truth." - Sandy Carter

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The Supreme Importance of Worldview

"...most people obtain their worldview by unconsciously absorbing it from the culture rather than consciously adopting it from Scripture.  Identifying and mastering the components of the biblical worldview will strengthen the faith of any believer, help us to detect and refute error, and live consistent with the way the world really works." - P&D

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On worldview and presuppositions

"I’m sympathetic to the presuppositionalist reflex... That being said, in placing the epistemological accent so strongly on the Bible over against God’s 'general revelation' in the created order, Reformed-style presuppositionalism suffers from a degree of hermeneutical naivete. Surely, just as one never approaches the world without presuppositions, one never approaches a text without presuppositions." - John Ehrett

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The Solution to America’s Theological Salad Bar

"Americans assume that people will make the right choices and believe the right things for them given the right conditions. Human nature is sufficient to guide us into personal truth. Thus, at the salad bar of beliefs, objective claims about God or morality violate the fundamental principle that life is a salad bar, and you are the rightful creator of your plate." - LifeWay

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