Theology of Work

Bringing Good Things Together: Work and Worship

"The broader faith-and-work movement has long stressed a believer’s royal role in the creation mandate (Gen. 1:28), bringing order and goodness to the world through work. Kaemingk (assistant professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary) and Willson (professor of missiology and missional ministry at Calvin Theological Seminary) build on this while also emphasizing the priestly function of believers." - TGC

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“Our lives are deeply dependent on the work of others.”

"If we fail to realize our embeddedness in a world of work, one of two things can happen. On the one hand, we may overvalue our jobs, which can lead to an inflated sense of ourselves and our work... Not seeing our embeddedness in a world of work can create a second, opposite problem—an undervaluing of our jobs, which can lead to a deflated sense of ourselves and our work." - TGC

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“...vocation–not just as a treatment of ‘jobs’ but as a theology of the everyday Christian life–is being rediscovered”

"...vocation–the Latinate word for 'calling'–involves God Himself working through and by means of human beings to bestow His blessings. Thus, He gives daily bread by means of farmers, millers, and bakers; He creates and cares for new human beings through the vocations... the purpose of every vocation is not self-fulfillment or performing great works for God, but loving and serving one’s neighbor." - Veith

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