The Theology of Sleep

"Most of our time is in the workplace, and the second highest lump of time is spent sleeping. One-third of our lives! ....The Bible does have something to say about what we do with one-third of our life in this regard, but we don’t hear messages about this." - TIFWE

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Yep, I’m doing a little monetizing here. Paid link.

But this “not new” book does look edifying…  (The TIFWE article is not mainly about the book)

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When I was in Bible college I had a friend who only got about 5 hrs of sleep a night.  If i had less than 8 or 9 at that time, I would end up with a headache (I can get by on about 7 or 8 now but like 10 now and then).  I started to wonder if I was being lazy, so I decided to go to the word of God to see what it said about sleep.  I quickly realized that although we should not be lazy, sleep was very necessary and it was vanity to try to get by with less sleep than needed.  I also consulted medical research and realized that if my body was telling me I needed 9 hours of sleep, I better be disciplined enough to get it.  If I am focused on avoiding smoking and gluttony to take care of my body, I definitely better be disciplined enough to get enough sleep.  I have found out that if I get enough sleep at night I am more alert and can get much more done during the day than if I skimp on sleep.