Evangelical Support of Trump

Jericho March Returns to DC to Pray for a Trump Miracle

"Organizers of the Jericho March, slated for Tuesday and Wednesday, have called on 'patriots, people of faith and all those who want to take back America' to travel to Washington on those days for a pair of marches to overturn the recent presidential election." - CToday

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Liberty University students call for shutdown of Falkirk Center for 'tarnishing' Christian witness

"The petition frequently spoke about the 'damage being done to our school’s reputation by several un-Christlike people and alleged that the Falkirk Center has “tarnished” Liberty’s reputation: 'While Ryan Helfenbein, Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxas, and other Falkirk fellows champion their politics and their golden calf, we want the world to know how many students do not support them.

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Do You Desire Truth More Than Victory?

"In this election, most conservative Christians supported the policies of President Trump, especially as against those Joe Biden espouses. Most conservative Christians greatly desired the success of the Trump campaign. Those desires now drive a desperate search for any way to make the Trump campaign succeed. How far are you willing to go to see your desires succeed?" - P & D

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Bethel Leader Apologizes After Prophesying Trump Will Win Election

"Kris is not the only one to prophesy a Trump victory. In October, Trump attended the International Church of Las Vegas, where the church’s senior pastor, Denise Goulet, spoke a word of prophecy over him during the worship service. 'At 4.30 (am), the Lord said to me, “I am going to give your president a second wind.“ This has 3 meanings. A win – you will be the president again.'" - MCD

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A respectful response to my friend John Piper about voting for Trump

"...he and I have reached different conclusions about this year’s presidential election. His October 22 article, 'Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin,' explained why he thought it would be wrong for him to support either candidate in this election. ...I am writing to explain why I have reached a different decision, and why I voted a few days ago for Donald Trump." - CPost

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John Piper warns Trump's 'deadly' behavior will lead to 'destruction' in blistering post

"John Piper has issued a blistering condemnation of President Donald Trump, warning Christian voters that the president's 'deadly behavior' will lead the U.S. to 'destruction of more kinds than we can imagine.'" - C.Post

One of the more thoughtful pushbacks: Which Should Weigh More, Character or Abortion Policy?

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Most Evangelicals choose Trump over Biden, but clear ethnic divides exist

"A new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research conducted Sept. 9-23 finds President Donald Trump with a sizable lead over Democratic nominee Joe Biden among likely voters with evangelical beliefs. Deep divides, however, persist among evangelicals across ethnic lines." - BPNews

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