Evangelical Support of Trump

Trump taxes report highlights nearly $400,000 payment from Billy Graham group

"It is unclear whether the $397,602 payment was only for the dinner, although the summit — which mostly took place at a different hotel — cost around $4 million overall, according to the Intercept." - RNS

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‘Any Real True Believer’ Will Support Trump in November, John MacArthur Says

"Pastor and author John MacArthur says in a new interview that President Trump phoned him this summer to offer support and that MacArthur told him 'any real true believer is going to be on your side' in November." - C. Headlines

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Trump's favorability among white Christians in battleground states falls 27% since March: poll

PRRI "released a new survey Thursday of 1,008 Americans conducted from April 21 to April 26. The survey found that since March, the percentage of white Christians in presidential battleground states who say they hold a mostly or very favorable view of the president has dropped from 75% to 48%." - CPost

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Evangelicals Have Abandoned the Character Test. The Competence Test is Next.

"I know that for now I’ve lost the character argument. It’s well-established that a great number of white Evangelicals didn’t truly believe the words they wrote, endorsed, and argued in 1998 and for 18 years until the 2016 election. Oh sure, they thought they believed those words....We may think we possess an array of virtues and beliefs, but we don’t really know who we are or what we believe until those virtues and beliefs are put to the test." - The Dispatch

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“In the SBC, we botched the 2016 election season badly, and if we do not do better in 2020, it may fracture us permanently.”

"Rifts formed in the SBC that still haven’t healed. The recent formation of the so-called Conservative Baptist Network is clearly focused largely on opposing those Baptists who do not give full support to Trump and the GOP." - SBC Voices

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Evangelical Leaders React to Mohler Supporting Trump

Mohler recently said "that he’ll vote for Trump this November because of his conservative leadership record. Mohler adds that he intends to vote Republican for the rest of his life, as long as the GOP platform continues to oppose abortion and support religious liberty." - Church Leaders

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ERLC says scrutiny by SBC Executive Committee is 'disrespectful,' sows division

"...such action is outside of the purview of the denomination's Executive Committee and it solely belongs to the ERLC Trustees, the ERLC Executive Committee said in a Thursday letter in response to the SBC Executive Committee's announcement." - CPost


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