QAnon: The alternative religion that’s coming to your church

"Mark Fugitt, senior pastor of Round Grove Baptist Church in Miller, Missouri, recently sat down to count the conspiracy theories that people in his church are sharing on Facebook. The list was long.... But since 2017, a sort of ur-conspiracy theory, QAnon, has coalesced in online forums and created millions of believers." - RNS

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Informative and well-reasoned article about the conspiracy theory fad.

"The Midrash Detective"

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Conspiracy theories are definitely a growing problem.

This article, however, is also a problem. 

Qanon (which I had never heard of until a CNN article popped up a few weeks back), is a false religion, like Gnosticism (we need a Godwin's Law for Gnosticism, I've heard referenced so much lately). Because, umm... people use Bible verses, and refer constantly to Bible prophecy, and a single, charismatic church -- normally bastions of common sense and discretion -- has told its members to stop watching network news and just watch Qanon channels and videos. So far this sounds like my grandfather in the 80s, minus the internet. Also, they think the MSM is not trustworthy. Which, of course, it absolutely isn't.

OK... Maybe there is syncretism going on, but your argument/evidence is not bearing the weight of your claim. Come back with something better.

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Christian Fundagelicals 2016:    We need to get on our hands and knees every Wednesday night to ask God to save us from Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump as President

Christian Fundagelicals 2017:    Rejoice!  God delivered the U.S. from Hillary Clinton and will restore glory to America!

Christian Fundagelicals 2018:    If the MSM was not so biased and slanted, and reported true news, there would be enough people to ensure Donald Trump would be re-elected in 2020.  But look - there are random anonymous people on the internet posting truth under the hashtag #QAnon that clearly proves the MSM conspiracy to depose of Donald Trump.  We must propagandize #QAnon to save the country again.

Christian Fundagelicals 2020:    Even with the divine protections of the Trump administration, we have had no significant baptisms in our church over the last four years.  Church attendance and bible literacy are down throughout the country.  Our churches are getting older and smaller.  We have no introspection to understand how crazy the rest of the world thinks we are by going all in on #QAnon theories.  But what other narrative do we have to convince people to vote Republican?  Double down on everything #QAnon!


Judgment Seat of Christ

God:   You know, because you had the Holy Spirit and my Word, you could have obeyed me in peace and joy regardless of who was President of the United States.  It is true that my name can be blasphemed by unbelievers, but it can also be blasphemed by believers who give undue priority to things that don't matter.  I heard your prayers and saw your hearts.  They both cared much more about politics than the things that endure.

Christian Fundagelicals:   You mean John 15:5 doesn't read "without a Republican America, we can do nothing?"

God:  Nope.

Christian Fundagelicals:   Philippians 4:13 doesn't read "I can do all things through a Republican America, which strengthens me?"

God:   Sorry.

Christian Fundagelicals:   Is it too late for a do-over?

God:   Yes.

John B. Lee