Christian Nationalism

Study: 61% of Republicans said they favor “the United States officially declaring the United States to be a Christian nation.”

"The questions about Christian nationalism — the idea that Christianity is an essential part of American identity and that Christians should run the country — were part of a larger poll of 2,091 participants conducted May 6–16, 2022." - RNS

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A Patriotic Review of Paul Miller's The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism

Per Miller, "...nationalists of various stripes seek to define the nation by a characteristic of a people group such as language, culture, religion, or ancestry (and thereby privilege that group and its values in society)" - Providence

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New stories on New Apostolic Reformation, Sean Feucht keep assuming a right-wing takeover

"...the NAR is not this conspiratorial, worldwide, monolithic, demonic movement. As part of the mix, she does mention Sean Feucht.... Feucht is many things both good and bad, but he’s not NAR." - GetReligion

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“To what extent should the government use its coercive power to enforce Christian ethics?”

"I understand the alarm that my fellow believers feel as we find ourselves increasingly out-of-step.... At the same time, I think this faith in a more muscular government, particularly when it comes to punishing and restraining speech, is misguided for at least three related reasons." - Providence

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Be Careful About the Multiplying Attacks on Christian Nationalism

"I am compelled to sound a word of warning here. Be very wary when CNN seeks to define what is and what is not true Christianity. And when anyone claims that a form of Christianity is a threat to democracy, it is usually a pretext for marginalization and persecution." - Kevin Schaal

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