Christian Nationalism

More than 500 evangelicals, other faith leaders condemn religion at Jan 6 insurrection as ‘heretical’

"'We unite our voices to declare that there is a version of American nationalism that is trying to camouflage itself as Christianity — and it is a heretical version of our faith,' the letter reads." - RNS

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No, Rush Limbaugh Did Not Hijack Your Parents’ Christianity

Discerning the Difference Between Christian Nationalism and Christian Patriotism

"I love this country, but I love it with eyes wide open. The aspirations of our founding have long been tempered by the brutal realities of our fallen nature. The same nation that stormed Normandy’s beaches to destroy a fascist empire simultaneously sustained a segregationist regime within its own borders. Our virtues do not negate our vices, and our vices do not negate our virtues. America isn’t 1619 or 1776. It’s 1619 and 1776." - David French

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Protecting Christian Political Theology from the Shibboleth of “Christian Nationalism”

"In some corners, 'Christian Nationalism' is used as a synecdoche to dispense with anything unpopular about Christianity. If one does not like something about Christianity—say, its teaching on sexuality and family relations—just accuse it of self-serving power-seeking, and it can be discredited." - Public Discourse

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Is dispensationalism to blame for patriotic idolatry?

"...modern politics needs to be cloaked in religious language in order to carry the necessary gravitas. The end result is that theology becomes the handmaiden of political agendas. In turn, patriotism becomes one and the same with Christianity for so many. Among the multitude of factors that have given rise to this fact in the United States is the combination of American exceptionalism and Dispensationalist theology." - Ref21

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