Christian Nationalism

Debates About Interracial Marriage, Childbearing Emerge as Christian Nationalism Continues To Gain Support

"Perry then presented data indicating that the more White Americans identify with Christian nationalists ideals, the more likely they are to believe that White Americans are the most discriminated against group in the nation." - C.Leaders

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Christian nationalism will lead to Christian persecution, SBC President Bart Barber warns

“It stands contrary to 400 years of Baptist history and everything I believe about religious liberty. I’m opposed to the idea of Christian dominion, churchly dominion over the operations of government” - Barber

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Can There Be a “Christian City?” Reflections on Doug Wilson and Moscow, Idaho

“I would recommend that Wilson read two books: Augustine’s ‘The City of God’ and Greg Boyd’s ‘The Myth of a Christian Nation.’ According to BOTH, before the return of Christ there can be no ‘City of God’ or “Christian Nation.” - Roger Olson

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Study: 61% of Republicans said they favor “the United States officially declaring the United States to be a Christian nation.”

"The questions about Christian nationalism — the idea that Christianity is an essential part of American identity and that Christians should run the country — were part of a larger poll of 2,091 participants conducted May 6–16, 2022." - RNS

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A Patriotic Review of Paul Miller's The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism

Per Miller, "...nationalists of various stripes seek to define the nation by a characteristic of a people group such as language, culture, religion, or ancestry (and thereby privilege that group and its values in society)" - Providence

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