Christian Nationalism

New stories on New Apostolic Reformation, Sean Feucht keep assuming a right-wing takeover

"...the NAR is not this conspiratorial, worldwide, monolithic, demonic movement. As part of the mix, she does mention Sean Feucht.... Feucht is many things both good and bad, but he’s not NAR." - GetReligion

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“To what extent should the government use its coercive power to enforce Christian ethics?”

"I understand the alarm that my fellow believers feel as we find ourselves increasingly out-of-step.... At the same time, I think this faith in a more muscular government, particularly when it comes to punishing and restraining speech, is misguided for at least three related reasons." - Providence

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Be Careful About the Multiplying Attacks on Christian Nationalism

"I am compelled to sound a word of warning here. Be very wary when CNN seeks to define what is and what is not true Christianity. And when anyone claims that a form of Christianity is a threat to democracy, it is usually a pretext for marginalization and persecution." - Kevin Schaal

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‘We Should Be Christian Nationalists’: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Casts Her Vision for the GOP

"Greene’s remarks came ... at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. Other speakers at the conservative event for students included founder Charlie Kirk... Laura Ingraham, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Jr., Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former president Donald Trump." - C.Post

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What Role Did White Christian Nationalism Play in the Buffalo Massacre?

"Gendron said he was not a Christian, but does 'believe in and practice many Christian values.' We reached out to Samuel of several books on White Christian Nationalism .... He explained the distinctions and overlap between White Nationalism and Christian Nationalism, how violence has crept into the American Church and what we can do about it." - Relevant

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