2020 Election

Mohler Urges Christians: Let the Votes Be Counted and Don't Rush to Embrace Rumors of Voter Fraud

"President Trump has made statements over the course of the last two days that actually makes sense in the context of campaigning, but not in the context of seeking to understand exactly what has happened, how Americans has spoken in a general election..... [voter fraud] can happen and it has happened, but making generalized charges of voter fraud without specifics that can be investigated, that's quite dangerous to America as a nation." - Mohler

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2020 ballot initiatives: States weigh in on abortion, legalizing drugs, race discrimination, new state flag

"Two of the most notable referendums took place in Colorado and Louisiana, where voters were asked to weigh in on ballot initiatives related to the hot-button issue of abortion. In Colorado, a majority of voters rejected a ballot initiative that would ban abortion after 22 weeks while a majority of Louisiana voters supported a constitutional amendment asserting that abortion is not a constitutional right." - CPost

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Don’t Demonize, Show Honor: Responding to Others After This Election Ends

"[N]o matter what happens, what shall we say to our church on Sunday? ...There’s the usual stuff I will say: comfort those whose candidate lost with the certainty of Christ’s victory. Caution those whose candidate won from putting too much hope in the outcome of any election..." - 9 Marks

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Bush v. Gore: Lessons from a Litigated Election

"Republicans’ constitutional advocacy never found its bearings until the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute of the case. The situation may have been salvaged in the end only through a prescient intervention—made separate from, perhaps unbeknownst to, lawyers formally representing George W. Bush." - Law & Liberty

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“...the fate of western civilization does not rest on your shoulders, Christian”

"...the Christian hope of the Gospel reframes our sense of what matters most. In contrast with the secular zeitgeist, Christianity refuses to reduce everything to politics or to try to politicize everything. As we seek to be faithful citizens and to steward our freedoms well, we are also mindful of our status as “elect exiles” who await the consummation of Christ’s kingdom and our eternal home." - Matthew J. Hall

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If You’ve Started Hating Fellow Christians Because of How They’re Voting, You’ve Lost Perspective.

"I’ve been disheartened and frankly appalled by the hatred I’ve seen some Christians have toward other Christians based on their political views—and that goes for both sides. To be clear, I’m not talking about impassioned discussions of which party or candidate to vote for. That’s necessary and important." - Natasha Crain

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