2020 Election

A blunt message about who is conning whom in the aftermath of the 2020 elections.

"If you put your faith in President Trump’s claim of a presidential election stolen through massive alteration of votes through the use of voting software, and in the legal skills of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, I am sorry to tell you that you have been conned." - N. Review

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Do You Desire Truth More Than Victory?

"In this election, most conservative Christians supported the policies of President Trump, especially as against those Joe Biden espouses. Most conservative Christians greatly desired the success of the Trump campaign. Those desires now drive a desperate search for any way to make the Trump campaign succeed. How far are you willing to go to see your desires succeed?" - P & D

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#PROTECT2020 Rumor vs. Reality: CISA Addresses Election Fraud Claims

"This webpage is for people with questions about the security of their vote and preemptively debunks potential areas for disinformation. You can learn more about mis- and disinformation from CISA’s Countering Foreign Influence Task Force. Click an icon below to go directly to that section." - CISA

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A Careful Voter-Fraud Review

"Any fair reading of the facts would conclude that the contention 'voter fraud doesn’t exist' is simply not accurate. But any fair reading of the facts would also conclude that the cases that have been uncovered and proven in a court of law involve small amounts of votes — two votes here, a handful of votes there, a couple dozen in that Philadelphia case." - N.Review

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Bethel's Kris Vallotton says his apology for election prediction was premature, will wait

"Bethel Church Senior Associate Leader Kris Vallotton is backtracking his apology for prophesying that President Donald Trump would win reelection, now saying that he will wait until the final results are tabulated." - C.Post

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Southern Baptist leaders promote prayer and rule of law in response election

“Election fraud is a serious matter. Baseless claims of fraud is too,” Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, tweeted Friday night. “To sort this out, we must be thorough, evidence-based, [and] follow federal [and] state laws. Clarity and certainty may take time….” - BPNews

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Conservative publication fact checks election fraud stories

"All of these claims, with the exception of the absentee Georgia ballots (which seemed like honest confusion and could actually have hurt Joe Biden if true, given his general advantage in mailed-in ballots), were shared to bolster the claim that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. And all of them, with the exception of the claim that Pennsylvania reported a batch of ballots all for Biden, were false. (Even that one was missing some context.)" - The Dispatch

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