2020 Election

“...for a long time now in American life anyway, at election time, everything becomes apocalyptic.”

"...to have this sense of either, if whoever I voted for wins, I’m exuberant, it’s like, 'I win,' that’s not really true. And if somebody I didn’t like wins and that means everything’s over, everything falls apart. Well, that’s not true either." - Russel Moore (Podcast)

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A lesson in close elections: This year’s presidential contest could put the Constitution to the test

"Americans are getting used to the idea of not immediately knowing the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election. But what if, once each county and state have finished their final counts, the election ends in a tie? ...With 538 Electoral College votes up for grabs, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden could, in theory, each get 269." - WORLD

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An election like no other…or, so we’re told.

"We’re in, I’m breathlessly told, a 'battle for the very soul of America.' Zat so? I sort of thought that the recent unpleasantness of 1861-1865 locked in that description, what with 620,000 casualties of war, all Americans and the issue of all issues for our country – the enslavement of other humans." - SBC Voices

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The Ethical Dilemma of Abortion and Voting for Donald Trump

"For the one tribe, failing to vote for Biden, especially since I live in Florida, is seen as me helping ensure four more years of Donald Trump. The other? Well, in their minds, refusing to vote for Trump demonstrates my lack of commitment to important social issues, specifically religious liberty and abortion." - J. Ellis

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What Makes a Vote Moral or Immoral? The Ethics of Voting

"Does the character of a candidate matter to the ethical significance of a vote? Yes, and it does by the same chain of moral causation described above, only now culpability transfers not through issues like a, b, c, d, and e, but through the person him or herself. If I choose a babysitter for my children whom I know has poor character...

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David Platt on the Problems with Saying ‘You can’t be a Christian and vote for…’

“We’ve got to work as members, leaders in churches, to foster a community where we really are quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to become angry....How do we humbly relate to one another instead of giving into this constant temptation to demonize one another, just jump to polarization of positions, straw man arguments, all of these things that we see all around us in the world?” - C.Leaders

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Most Evangelicals choose Trump over Biden, but clear ethnic divides exist

"A new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research conducted Sept. 9-23 finds President Donald Trump with a sizable lead over Democratic nominee Joe Biden among likely voters with evangelical beliefs. Deep divides, however, persist among evangelicals across ethnic lines." - BPNews

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