The Man Behind Wisconsin’s ‘Stop the Steal’ Effort

"Among 'John Delta’s' requests were that counties send him data retained on voting machines. But voting machines have no data—all the vote tallies are downloaded to drives and servers and kept elsewhere." - Dispatch

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Unfortunately this is what the Republican party has become.  It is so sad.  While I am sure that that the cause celebre for the White Evangelical citizens will be abortion and thus will send them in droves to support the Republican party, I am personally finding less and less redeeming qualities around this party.  While I would prefer not to have Joe Biden as president, in my opinion, we need to do something to slap the hands of the Republicans to get them to change their direction.  I personally would love to see them get trounced in 2022 and 2024.  Only then, do I feel that the party will start trying to get back on track and stand up for what it is good for, instead of chasing every conspiracy theory, and seeking to overthrow a legitimate democratically elected candidates.

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Whatever you believe about rigged elections, the Media, Facebook, Twitter, ABC, NBC CBS, CNN, AP worked against Trump being re-elected (and worked in favor of Biden).  And yes, I believe some of Trump’s wounds were self-inflicted, like his first presidential debate with Biden. 

Some might be interested in the book, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections by Mollie Hemmingway.  She had a very interesting interview this morning with Brian Kilmeade.  The book is available at Amazon. 

David R. Brumbelow

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Yes, many, many people worked against Trump.  But that is not the same as "rigging" an election.  And definitely not in the same diatribe as Trump's definition of rigging an election.  There are large sums of money being poured into campaigns and PACs to convince the public about their candidates.  Most of the "truth" that is told is slanted to that individual's view.  Trump is painting Biden as bad, using all kinds of information.  Some true, some partially true and some false.  He leveraged media outlets as well as his extremely powerful social media presence.  The Democrats did the same.  And while some "mainstream" media outlets were more "pro-Biden", it isn't something we haven't seen repeated throughout every election.  That is not the same as Trump and most of the Republican party stating that the election was tampered, fraud was committed, votes were purposedly changed......  I doubt that if more proof around Biden's misdeeds were brought to light it would have changed anything.  Republicans feel that information is hidden, and if media outlets would publish this information and push their narrative, it would change their mind.  The facts are, that it won't.  People didn't like Biden because he was great.  They voted for Biden because they hated Trump.  Not for what the media portrayed, but because of what he said, what he did, and how he acted.  When Trump was elected the media was doing the same thing they did with Biden.  And yet he still won.  So which is it.  Did the media and Big Tech rig it or did they not.  They were obviously more blatantly pro-Clinton in 2016, than they were pro-Biden in 2020, yet Trump won in 2016.

The media and Big Tech aren't innocent, but the Republicans need a scapegoat and this is what they are pinning it on.