Serving One Master: How to Navigate the Struggle Between God and Money

"How do you make the right decisions between serving clients and firm pressure to own money? As I began to think more about these questions, I thought of one lesson that has helped me navigate challenges in my own career on Wall Street..." - IFWE

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I don't think there's any answer that can make that tension go away. It's why I'm not in marketing. When the product/service isn't really in the best interest of the potential buyer, co you further the interests of the company by making the sale or do you further the interests of the buyer by helping him see that he actually should avoid the spend?

Even if your central question is "What's best for human beings?" (rather than what's best for the corporation), you don't really solve the problem because helping the company helps humans also. Unless your product/service is of no value at all (in which case you need a better job), you never really get to chose between helping humans vs. helping profits... there are always humans benefiting.

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"Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself" - Ray Kroc