Workplace Ethics

Ohio passes bill allowing religious hospitals, doctors to refuse procedures that violate convictions

Included in Ohio's new budget: “a medical practitioner, health care institution, or health care payer has the freedom to decline to perform, participate in, or pay for any health care service which violates the practitioner's, institution's, or payer's conscience as informed by the moral, ethical, or religious beliefs or principles held by the practitioner, institution, or payer.” - C.Post

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How Should I Address My Transgender Colleague?

"I work in a secular workplace, and my new colleague is transgender. When I was introduced to him and found out that he wants to be addressed by a female name and pronouns, I was caught off-guard... How can I speak to him and work with him in a loving way without compromising my Christian convictions?" - TGC

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Should We Use Matthew 18 for Workplace Conflicts?

"I work in a Christian ministry where the supervisor frequently appeals to Matthew 18 and encourages subordinates to come to his office to discuss concerns. Rarely does anyone take him up on his offer...How does Matthew 18 apply where there’s a power differential between parties?" - TGC

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Dave Ramsey’s Company Dropped From ‘Best Workplaces’ List by Inc. Magazine Due to Lawsuit

"In court documents, Ramsey Solutions said O’Connor, who is not married, was fired for having premarital sex, which violated the company’s 'righteous living' policy." - C. Leaders

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