Theology of Work

Does “real kingdom work” only happen when we volunteer at church or get paid from a nonprofit organization?

"'My dream is to one day ...quit my job and do real kingdom work.' ...But at the same time, I cringe at the false dichotomy I hear in statements like this. As if 'real kingdom work' only takes place when one is volunteering at church or getting a paycheck from a nonprofit organization." - Daniel Darling

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“...the Church devotes little time to helping individuals see their work as laden with sacred potential”

"Good work reveals God by mirroring his life-giving capacity to bless and serve others (Psalms 8:5-8). As creative agents, cultural stewards, and ambassadors of shalom, faithful work has limitless possibilities." - Facts & Trends

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How Your Work Affects Your Relationship with God: An Interview with Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker

"How should we incorporate spiritual disciplines into the ordinary rhythms of everyday experience? How can we be transformed into Christ’s likeness through our jobs and daily work? Bible Gateway interviewed Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker ... about their book, Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work." - Bible Gateway

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Is There Any Heavenly Good in Our Earthly Labor?

"I never thought of anything I did at Woolworth’s as accomplishing anything truly good. I was certain such labor was far from heavenly. My perspective was: “This work stinks!” (And many nights, it literally did because of the volume of trash.) ...Looking back on that first job, I wish I had grasped at least one or two heavenly threads about our human labor." - TIFWE

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