U.S. Doctors Take Official Stance Against Euthanasia

"Amid increasing attempts to legalize euthanasia at the state level, the nation's second-largest network of physicians officially spoke out against it last week." BPNews

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ACP membership: 152000.  

AMA membership: 228000.  

Total number of medical doctors: 923,000

Not as far apart as I would have guessed, and apparently most doctors are not a member of either, though the AMA especially presumes to speak for the profession as a whole.  So I'm glad that there is (ACP) a formal resolution against euthanasia for 1/6 of physicians and a less formal resolution against the same by ~ 1/4 of physicians, but that's not a majority, sad to say.  

This is a scary reality in a world where more and more heirs are, in a matter of speaking, wanting to help choose when they get their inheritance.  

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