This young woman survived an ISIS attack. Then she was euthanized in Belgium

"Earlier this year, the then-23-year-old chose to commit suicide through euthanasia....Though she did not sustain any physical injuries, the trauma of the Brussels terror attack event proved too emotionally difficult" - C.Post

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Belgium failed to properly review depressed woman's assisted suicide case, human rights court rules

"The procedure under section 8 of the Euthanasia Act did not prevent the doctor who performed the euthanasia from sitting on the Board and voting on whether his or her own acts were compatible with the substantive and procedural requirements of domestic law" - C.Post

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Expansions on euthanasia should be sounding alarm bells for us all

We've recently launched the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. "at the same time, the legal right to physician-assisted suicide is being expanded more than ever....Do we as a society want to prevent people from killing themselves, or to support it as an expression of personal autonomy?" - RNS

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The Netherlands Allows Doctors to Euthanize Patients Without Their Consent

"...doctors are allowed to execute—murder—their patients and 'it is no longer necessary for the doctor to agree with the patient when or how euthanasia will be administered' if the patient has dementia or a similar medical condition." - AiG

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Canada: BC government threatens to withdraw all funding from a facility that won't euthanize patients

"Hospice is not about making people dead. Rather, it seeks to help terminally ill patients live well through intensive medical, spiritual, psychological, and social treatments to alleviate the pain and emotional suffering ....Don’t tell that to the provincial government of British Columbia." - National Review

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