Are Christians Against Abortion Because of an “Ancient Mistranslation”?

"...what about their argument that there’s a mistranslation in Exodus 21? AiG’s Tim Chaffey, the content manager for our attractions, thoroughly debunks that claim:" - AiG

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The article makes a good point about a central tactic among those who would induce us to abandon Biblical morality; they approach our supporting arguments one at a time in isolation, and then having theoretically "debunked" that one argument, they declare victory.  

If our argument for a position is more nuanced and has more supporting evidence, we can simply respond by saying "even if we concede this point, we have a number of other points of reference which support this position."  So AIG does a wonderful job of illuminating the hazards of relying on prooftexting, especially when it is a single reference.

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