UK council apologizes for censoring Franklin Graham event ads; pays over $150K in damages

"Along with issuing an apology last week for pulling the ads because they opposed the evangelical group’s conservative views on LGBT issues, the Blackpool Council in Lancashire also agreed to pay damages of over $150,200 (£109,000)." - C.Post 

Also at C.Today: British City Apologizes for Removing Franklin Graham Ads

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Key fact to consider:

When the city removed the ads, it claimed this was necessary because of “heightened tension” caused by Graham’s position on LGBT issues. But internal emails showed officials expressing their own disapproval of Graham and looking for a legal reason to stop the advertising campaign.

Would the judge have sided for the sponsors of the Festival of Hope if these emails did not exist?

The same question needs to be asked about the Colorado baker Supreme Court ruling. If the Colorado commission members had not emailed one another concerning their opposition to the baker's Christian beliefs would the SCOTUS have ruled in his favor?

These rulings will not curb discrimination against Christians, but will rather lead to concealment of the true motives of those opposing Christian faith and practice.

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Not a Franklin Graham fan because he backed Trump and the Big Lie outright.  I wonder what he thinks about baring false witness.  I guess it's okay if your Prolife and Antigay.  

Anyway I do back Franklin on his position of LGBT as it relates to the church.  Meaning it's sin and to force a church to teach otherwise or impose LGBT members or employees on a church is a point where one has to obey the Lord and not the government.  

Now the reverse side of that is LGBT people in our country have every right to pursue the American Dream and pursue any career they wish without discrimination.  Christians who discriminate against them working and living in our society are just as wrong.  

Plus at least at this point a LGBT relationship is a consensual relationship between two adults but a sexual Relationship between a 58 year old Pastor and a 14 year old girl in the Pastor's youth group is a crime that'll buy one 5 years plus in prison.  Funny how the CBN/SBC Members on the Executive Committee go crazy over a gay member in an SBC church but in Hannah Kate Williams situation where her SBC Pastor Father raped her and her sisters a couple times a week and impregnated her and did a back alley abortion on her with a Church Deacon assisting those same holier than thou people did nothing to help HANNAH KATE WILLIAMS. Hannah reported it to the National level a short time after the forced abortion.  So a Gay Member or Marriage or Pastor in an SBC church sends out the US Marines to attack those ungodly gays but an SBC Pastor doing unspeakable things to his daughter gets a pass for years. Hannah and her syblings came out with it in 2019 with Rachel DeHollander at their side.  Daddy dearest and Mommy disappeared with two young female foster children in tow. Apparently Mommy was in on the abuse to.  STONE and his supporters were not happy about HANNAH doing this.  Ooooops the CBN/SBC doesn't seem so holy now do they. 

in my mind That says it all about the Fundy/Evangelical Church in the United States.  Oh by the way Daddy dearest broke Hannah's jaw so bad she had to have it wired shut.  That kept her quiet.

  I say at least with the Fundy/Evangelical Church in the US they better start addressing the sin in the Church that buys one life in prison and leave the gays alone for a while.  Don't you think. Same for anti abortion movement and politics which are now one big Evangelical Business.  I bet we spend more money as Christians on that then we do changing hearts and minds through Christ now.   We wouldn't want to let Donald and Matt Gatez down would we.  Oh speaking of criminals.  

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Probably something similar to what JoeB thinks of defamation.  He probably is against it when somebody else is doing it, but doesn't seem to recognize it in himself.  If you believe that what you are saying is true, are you guilty of bearing false witness?  Or are you, perhaps, mistakenly distributing false information that you are convinced is true?  Is there a difference?  Does Joe recognize this difference?

G. N. Barkman

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Franklin Graham is on video supporting Trump's Big Lie.  I saw it myself.  So if that's not baring false witness what is.  SO YOUR OUT OF LINE GN.  When questioned about it during a Media interview later Graham somewhat back pedaled and didn't want to talk about it.   At that point he said Biden is our President now we have to move on.  Graham said this even after the interviewer pointed out that Graham's previous words may have incited violence.  GN seems to like to make false allegations himself.  Good Luck GN.  Ooooops GN doesn't know what he is talking about.   

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Wow   The group Franklin Graham runs with is being exposed.  Liberty is being sued by campus rape victims which tie back to that serial killer.  It's bad folks and if true it will prove just how corrupt Liberty and the Christian Right is. If true Liberty protected the serial killer from being prosecuted from two alleged rapes on campus.   Others are making allegations toward Liberty to Liberty allegedly birthed a serial killer and if I remember right this killer allegedly returned to Liberty's campus and killed a female student.