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107 Florida congregations leaving UMC to join new conservative church network amid LGBT debate

"The Florida chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, a theologically conservative Methodist group, announced Tuesday that 107 churches in the state had 'chosen to initiate the process to depart the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church.'" - C.Post

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When it Comes to Children’s Entertainment, Will Christians Answer Disney’s Move?

"You can choose to cancel your Disney+ subscription or stop taking your kids to Disney movies, but that still doesn’t offer a better entertainment alternative. Unless we back up criticism with action, nothing much will change, and the options for kids will shrink." - Phil Cooke

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Are lawyers 'ministers?' Unanswered questions plague Union Gospel Mission coverage

"What was the crucial difference between this case and the unanimous... 2012 Hosanna Tabor decision in which the court upheld the 'ministerial exception' concept, allowing religious groups to take doctrine into account when hiring and firing employees?" - GetReligion

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Yes, a cardinal with strong Pope Francis ties said church doctrines on LGBTQ issues are wrong

"I believe that the sociological and scientific foundation of this doctrine is no longer correct. It is time for a fundamental revision of Church teaching, and the way in which Pope Francis has spoken of homosexuality could lead to a change in doctrine." - Get Religion

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