UK high court rules kids younger than 16 can't consent to gender transition drugs

"A U.K. high court on Tuesday ruled against the Tavistock clinic, the NHS' sole gender clinic, in favor of a detransitioner who said she was harmed by puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones prescribed to her when she was a teenager." - CPost

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Churches in England to close for public worship

"Churches in England are to close for public worship from Thursday, after the Prime Minister announced another month-long national lockdown to curb the rapid rise in coronavirus infections in the country.... pubs, restaurants, gyms, and non-essential shops would close, but schools, colleges and universities could stay open." - C.Times

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Petri-dish research helps to put choirs back in service

"Two lay vicars from Salisbury Cathedral have helped to further the gradual return to choral singing in churches and cathedrals across the country. The return follows new government guidelines [in UK] that enable both professional and non-professional singers and musicians to perform individually or in small groups inside and outside of buildings." - Church Times

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Britain May Ban Transgender Treatments for Children to Guard Them from 'Irreversible' Harm

"James Kirkup... noted puberty-blocking medications taken by children might reduce fertility in adulthood. He also repeated a truism among supporters of Truss: 'A transgender child is like a vegetarian cat. You know who’s really making the decisions.'" - Christian Headlines

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An illiberal mob chases Chick-fil-A out of the United Kingdom

"After only weeks in operation, Britain’s first Chick-fil-A location will close down after widespread backlash and left-wing activism convinced the Reading shopping center . . .  not to renew their lease. That’s right: An angry mob of illiberal protesters just effectively got a Christian business shut down, all over dubious and exaggerated outrage entirely unrelated to their business practices in the first place." - Washington Examiner

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