UK Politicians Want to Ban Evangelical Franklin Graham: Accused of "Hate"

"Graham is a conservative evangelical Christian known for his vociferous opposition towards gays and Muslims. Critics are afraid his Islamophobic statements will lead to increased prejudice." World Religion News

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Not an FG fan, but the UK lefties and World Religion News seem to have managed to collectively erase their memory that Christian belief is incompatible with Muslim belief. . . . and that most religions make mutually exclusive claims. I think I vaguely remember a few statements by Graham that were a bit hyperbolic on the topic of Islam, but it's surreal the way people act like ancient beliefs are now suddenly extreme.

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It's worth noting that (if I remember correctly) official discrimination against religious minorities in England only ended in the 18th or 19th Century.  So we might say that freedom of speech and religion had a nice run for a century and a half or so, but it's officially over.  Along the same lines, my wife is reading a book about the Salvation Army, and the book notes that there were actually strong counter-movements to the Salvation Army by not just pub-keepers, but also by Anglican divines.  No, it wasn't called the Damnation Army as far as I can tell.  

Never mind the reality that Islam has been an enemy of Europe since the 7th Century, and that Muslims have even more extreme views towards homosexuality than does Franklin Graham.  I guess repeatedly storming the gates of Vienna over the centuries, as well as conquering Spain and Portugal while invading France, gives them a pass or something?

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