WV Gov Says ‘Please Wear Masks’ After 5th Church Outbreak

"A church in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, will be closed for 14 days after a reported 28 people connected with the church tested positive for COVID-19. The Greenbrier church outbreak is the fifth COVID-19 outbreak at a church in West Virginia, and Governor Jim Justice is emphasizing the importance of carefully following safety precautions." - Church Leaders

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Greenbrier county had close to zero COVID cases and even now has only 30. But they apparently all came from one church.

The scenario where a rural county where COVID is barely happening has a church that is suddenly full of COVID-19 cases should be a warning to rural churches where we’re inclined to think the risk is low. Statistically, the risk is low, but do you want to be the church that becomes famous in the community for spreading disease?

Data from https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map


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Friday: head deacon at my church goes golfing with pastor and another deacon.

Weekend: head deacon at my church loses sense of smell and taste.

Hopefully the notion that asymptomatic people don't spread the disease very well is true.  Head deacon is older, more rotund, etc., so pray for Ricky Clay (the head deacon) in this.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Just a weird mouth ulcer thing that does the same thing.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.