“Coronavirus” is actually a category of viruses, sort of like “Poodle” is a category of dogs. The virus popularly known as “coronavirus” is more precisely known as SARS-CoV-2 (though also referred to as 2019-ncov, for “2019 Novel Coronavirus”) and is in the coronavirus family. One of the best sources of information on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19 is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The interactive data map from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (verified safe link) is also a great source of visualized data, close to “real time.”

Probably the best COVID-19 information in Canada.

Keep an eye out as well for Coronavirus Scams.


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When should churches regather? “It seems to me the strong opinions fall into two broad groups”

"Group 1 contains those who don’t feel vulnerable, haven’t lost anyone they love, don’t know anyone who has suffered from Covid-19, and don’t live in a region strongly impacted. Group 1 feels oppressed by government overreach. Group 2 contains those who are vulnerable, who have lost a close relationship, who know someone who has suffered from Covid-19, and who live near regions that have been seriously impacted.

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Barna: “during the pandemic half of all self-identified Christians reported that they were praying more than usual, 17% said they were reading the Bible more”

"New data from Barna show the new cultural reality and spiritual landscape of the United States amid the multi-faceted disruption the global coronavirus pandemic has caused." - CPost

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Christian, Please Wear a Face Mask: Part 1

"'Wearing a mask is for smug liberals. Refusing to is for reckless Republicans.' If only things were that simple; if only we could laugh off the debate as hyperbolic virtue signaling from both sides. Most likely by the time you read this, though, we will have tragically raced past the 100,000 mark in this country’s fatality count." - John Ellis

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Trump Deems Houses of Worship ‘Essential,’ Threatens to ‘Override’ Governors if They’re Not Permitted to Open

"Trump lacks the authority to override state decisions regarding closures of businesses and institutions since the Constitution delegates police powers to the states." - NR 

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Christianity is not about our rights

"Prayerfully extend grace to your brothers and sisters who may see things differently than you do. Go the extra mile to make your church family comfortable by abiding by the collective wisdom of your leaders. If you feel uncomfortable with the decisions your leaders make, stay home a little longer. If you are at risk due to health issues, please be safe and wait. Out of love, your brothers and sisters will understand." - BPNews

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Concerns Pastors Have About Their Church Gathering Again

" fear is a member [or] a visitor being someone connected to the contact tracing, and the blame falling to the church"....“I am concerned that when the second wave comes and the authorities need us to close church back down, the conflict and strife will be worse than it is now in the arguments over reopening" .... "My concern as we move to indoor services is for our older, at-risk members. They are among our most faithfully engaged members and will be there when the doors are open.

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What Should I Do With Those Who Are Unable or Unwilling to Attend Church When We Start Gathering?

"The reasons someone might not want to attend church gatherings vary greatly and our pastoral response will be directed to such reasons. ...For example, there are big differences between the one who is fearful to return, the one who is immuno-compromised, and the one who simply wants to stay home and watch a live-stream because it’s more convenient." - 9 Marks

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