A Look at Evidence for Mask Effectiveness vs. COVID-19

(Note: CDC does not recommend masks for children under age 2.)

Curiosity might kill cats but it’s a really good thing in humans. We could all use more of it. I offer the following to the masks-vs-COVID curious. My view on both mask use and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) use—along with most other COVID-related questions—has been that being dogmatic isn’t appropriate either way.

That said, my overall impression of the evidence continues to be that masks are very likely somewhat helpful and HCQ very likely isn’t. This post focuses on masks.

Types of Evidence

Evidence comes in many forms. Here I’ll look at these categories:

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Why conservative critics are wrong to oppose local face mask mandates

"While the federal government does not have the constitutional authority to issue a nationwide mask mandate, state and local governments do have a broad 'police power' that legally allows them to pass such regulations to protect public health and safety. The political question remains whether this is the best policy. Libertarian and conservative critics who say no and cite 'freedom' miss the mark." - W. Examiner

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“the current debate over masks is ... currently the most obvious reflection of our idolization of liberty.”

"Community post-Enlightenment serves me now, not the other way around. The all important 'I.' In a word, our much beloved individualism. Some of you probably have calendars, t-shirts, and coffee mugs touting individualism’s tenets that tell you that you have the right to be happy, achieve your dreams, define yourself however you want, and live your best life now, among other distillations of secularism’s priority of the individual." - John Ellis

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Hillsong Family church wades into mask-wearing dispute in Florida after pastor, wife get coronavirus

"Grace City Church, a fast-growing Hillsong Family church in Lakeland, Florida... announced that it would ask members to wear masks after the church’s husband and wife team of lead pastors revealed they had been infected with the new coronavirus." - CPost

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Why I’m Wearing a Mask to Church Next Sunday

"I will relinquish my 'rights' in order to serve others. Theologians have labeled Philippians 2:5-8 as 'the great kenosis' passage. It is a Greek word that describes the self-emptying of Jesus in order to live among us on His way to the cross. 'Have this mind among yourselves...'" - Church Leaders

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WV Gov Says ‘Please Wear Masks’ After 5th Church Outbreak

"A church in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, will be closed for 14 days after a reported 28 people connected with the church tested positive for COVID-19. The Greenbrier church outbreak is the fifth COVID-19 outbreak at a church in West Virginia, and Governor Jim Justice is emphasizing the importance of carefully following safety precautions." - Church Leaders

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Falwell mocks Virginia's mask law and governor via racially insensitive tweet

"Falwell has jabbed repeatedly at Northam while downplaying the public health risks of the coronavirus. Last week, Northam issued an order that masks be worn inside .... where people congregate. The next day, Falwell tweeted that he was 'adamantly opposed' to the mask mandate 'until I decided to design my own.' With it, he posted a picture of a mask bearing a racist photo that appeared on Northam’s medical yearbook page" - RNS

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Christian, Please Wear a Face Mask: Part 1

"'Wearing a mask is for smug liberals. Refusing to is for reckless Republicans.' If only things were that simple; if only we could laugh off the debate as hyperbolic virtue signaling from both sides. Most likely by the time you read this, though, we will have tragically raced past the 100,000 mark in this country’s fatality count." - John Ellis

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