Church Reopening

Created for Community: Three Re-opening Options

"Many churches wish that one Sunday a switch is going to flip and everything will go back to the way things were before. But this scenario seems unlikely. As we look to other parts of the world that are ahead of North America in the fight against COVID-19, there are few options we can consider." - Church Leaders

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“You are a Compromised Coward”—Discussing How to Resume Gathered Worship

"In the next few months, pastors will face the task of leading divided congregations to make unified decisions. I don’t know when, and that’s a local decision, but what I do know is this: as of now, it seems we are running headlong into a very divisive time." - Ed Stetzer

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Key Takeaways From the CDC Guidelines for Church Reopenings

"Stay in contact with local authorities to best understand the situation in your area and when it would be safe to open. Work to limit the spread by protecting staff and congregants and offering other options like continued livestreaming for high risk individuals." - F&T

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Christian Lawyer: Churches’ Rights and Responsibilities When Reopening in the Pandemic

"When a law would infringe on Americans’ fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of religious exercise or the freedom of assembly, it is subject to what the law calls 'strict scrutiny,' which means that the courts will find a law unconstitutional unless the government can show three things..." - 9 Marks

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When should churches regather? “It seems to me the strong opinions fall into two broad groups”

"Group 1 contains those who don’t feel vulnerable, haven’t lost anyone they love, don’t know anyone who has suffered from Covid-19, and don’t live in a region strongly impacted. Group 1 feels oppressed by government overreach. Group 2 contains those who are vulnerable, who have lost a close relationship, who know someone who has suffered from Covid-19, and who live near regions that have been seriously impacted.

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Christianity is not about our rights

"Prayerfully extend grace to your brothers and sisters who may see things differently than you do. Go the extra mile to make your church family comfortable by abiding by the collective wisdom of your leaders. If you feel uncomfortable with the decisions your leaders make, stay home a little longer. If you are at risk due to health issues, please be safe and wait. Out of love, your brothers and sisters will understand." - BPNews

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