Church Reopening

COVID outbreak of more than 40 cases tied to revival at rural Alabama church

"... the indoor services were guided by social distancing protocols. The church, which is located in a rural community south of Huntsville and usually runs between 80 and 100 in services, met for a while during the pandemic with drive-in services. In June, Warrior Creek Baptist was back to some normal gatherings. Last week, an annual weeklong revival started as usual -- but this year they only made it to Thursday." - BPNews

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Texas Calvary Chapel pastor accepts responsibility for spread of coronavirus at church

"More than a week after at least 51 members of Calvary Chapel of San Antonio in Texas got infected with COVID-19 since the congregation started meeting in person, the church’s pastor says he takes full responsibility. ... adding, 'We kept all of the rules to the letter of the law.'" - CPost

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Five lessons I learned from a COVID-19 spike at our church

"In March, April and May, our church staff braced for a wave of COVID-19 cases to sweep through our church family. It never happened.... Two weeks ago, that all changed. Like most churches, we moved to an online-only format in March, but as soon as our governor and state department of health gave us the green light, we started meeting in socially distanced services." - BPNews

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