What Lies Beneath the Wokeness

"I want to answer these two thoughtful essays by showing three paths of inquiry that will further advance our understanding of woke theology and politics. For the foreseeable future, wokeness will remain the central Progressive idea of justice, so a thorough grappling with it is necessary" - Law & Liberty

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"We see this because our white liberal elites do not mix with the people they supposedly hold sacred. They do not share their beliefs or habits. The elite enclaves include ethnic minorities primarily as servants. It turns out, holding minorities to be sacred is largely rhetorical—it would be similar to someone professing Christianity but running away from churches and their fellow Christians."

Dr. Anthony Bradley made a similar observation about the 2020 Democratic primary when talking about the white elite progressive Bernie Sanders supporters.  He tweeted, "Why is Bernie doing so poorly in the South? His campaign failed to connect with black democrats at the social core of black communities. Bernie supporters are the kind of democrats who don’t have black friends but talk about race all the time. Check their wedding party photos."

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Good stuff.