“How is it that moral relativists...who think morality is a cultural or individual construction...are nevertheless so moralistic?”

"Moral relativists today are so judgmental, so pre-occupied with virtue signaling, so unforgiving, so self-righteous?  How can that be?.... Mark Mitchell offers an answer in his new book Power and Purity: The Unholy Marriage That Spawned America’s Social Justice Warriors." - Gene Veith

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“What a tangled web we weave when we make our aim in life to be modern rather than to think for ourselves”

"...on the selfsame day that I first learned of the gender reveal party I also learned why woke folk find it necessary to drive a stake through its heart. Opinion page after opinion page declared the trend 'weapons-grade reinforcement of oppressive gender norms … and blunt-force refusal of the idea that sex assigned at birth does not necessarily equate with gender identity'" - WORLD

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