The God Gap Helps Explain a 'Seismic Shift' in American Politics

"The disproportionate secularization of white Democrats represents a danger for the Democratic Party, for the country, and for American religion. The danger for the Democrats is clear. America may be more secular than it’s been in generations, but it is still a quite religious country." - David French

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Power and Moral Purity

"The leftists who are in ascendancy in the Democratic party are motivated by a strong sense of the moral rectitude of their cause. ...their moral convictions about human equality and the worth of each person derive directly from the Christian and Jewish religions. And yet, for the most part, they reject those religions. This contradiction puts them in a difficult position and helps account for the Left’s emphasis on power, their rejection of persuasion, their ends-justifies-the means tactics, and their insistence on moral purity." -

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“The Bible tells of a greater source of truth than human reasoning. The Left can’t handle that.”

"The Bible and the Left (not liberalism, leftism) are as opposed as any two worldviews can be. While there are people who claim to hold both a Bible-based worldview and left-wing views, these people are few in number. Moreover, what they do is take left-wing positions and wrap them in a few Bible verses." - National Review

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Twitter Suspends Unplanned Movie Account, Refuses to Let Twitter Users to Follow the Account

"After reinstating the Unplanned account, the follower count jumped from just under 7,000 followers to nearly 200,000 followers. This number, however, would drastically change several hours later. Twitter users who had followed the account noticed that they were unfollowed by Unplanned and that they had unfollowed Unplanned, despite not unfollowing the account themselves." - Christian Headlines

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