Political Correctness

Chicago Field Museum’s famous female T-rex skeleton to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns

"Sue was a real animal, not a persona the Field Museum created on Twitter. And as a real animal, it was either male or female. Any talk about a T. rex being “gender-nonbinary” is a fantasy—one that has no place in a museum." - Gender politics devours science

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Academics Claim Their Non-PC Transgender Research is Being Censored

"[S]urely genuine academic studies and inquiries about major issues facing today’s society must be welcome, right? An open letter by over 50 British academics hailing from fields ranging from philosophy to neuroscience suggests that’s not the case." - Intellectual Takeout 

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Rights groups sue North Carolina governor regarding new transgender law

"The bill (H.B. 2) also known as the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, requires students to use bathrooms and changing facilities that correspond with their biological sex, regardless of the students' gender identity." 

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NFL, Apple object to Ga. religious liberty bill

"Georgia Baptists acknowledge the religious liberty bill passed by their state legislature isn't perfect. But they're urging their state's governor to sign it despite his hints of a veto and threats from the NFL that adopting the measure could disqualify Atlanta from hosting the Super Bowl." BPNews

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