A Plea to the Trustees of Southwestern

"[T]here are some who will not be content until Dr. Patterson is brought back and pilloried and others that will only rest when that happens to the trustees. " - SBC Voices

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Aaron, dunno how that would play for any side of the argument, though I concede it's decent PR for Patterson.  All we know is that 88.5 boxes were deemed to be Patterson's documents, and 0.5 boxes were SEBTS's documents.  We don't know how many documents were transferred, and we can only guess at what was in them.  

And that answers precisely nothing about whether allegations of sexual assault were handled properly at SEBTS, or whether Patterson wrongly released documents that should have been kept private under Title IX.  

The question out there, really, is whether SWBTS can afford to have that debate---their supporters appear to be split on the issues--or really whether they can afford not to have it for the same reason.  A side question is whether other issues, like the financial issues Miller mentions, will force the other issues out into the open.  Could be a rough ride for SWBTS in the coming years.

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