Paige Patterson

Donors call for investigation into trustee handling of seminary president’s firing

"[T]he donors said trustees should publicly apologize to Patterson and restore him to the financial position he held at the conclusion of the full board meeting on May 22." - BNG

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Patterson denies mishandling 'reported abuse'

"For my words, demeanor, sentiments, or disposition to have been twisted to suggest the very antithesis to who I am and the biblical message I have presented over half a century not only is crushing to me and my family but also inevitably proves hurtful to others in the process," Patterson wrote. BPNews

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UPDATED: Patterson attorney claims 'misrepresentation'

An attorney for terminated Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson issued a media release late Monday afternoon (June 4) defending Patterson against alleged "wide-spread misrepresentation and misinformation." BPNews

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