'Chick-fil-A Day' at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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The Chick-fil-A in my town was crammed, today.  I imagine the whole city uprooting the little business and lifting it on top of their shoulders on August 1.

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If this is happening in the name of free speech, freedom, etc. then well and good. But, if this is some effort to "be Christian" or "stand up for Christ", then it is foolish and misguided. Christianity is not a victim rights group, a political action committee, or the like. Over and again there are calls to "support" this business or to "not support" that business, and it is tied to biblical obedience of some sort, to standing up for Christ or Christianity. Yep, what Christ has called us to is to eat more chicken... How many Christians will see themselves as fulfilling the obedience of Christ by doing this? In our current environment, there will likely be a number of them.


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Good points. I agree that buying a chicken sandwich at said establishment is not Christian obedience!


I call it activism. If there were a CFL in my market I would go there on August 1st to make a statement.