The Point: New Canadian Law Denies Some People Exist

"The lack of science behind this law is staggering.... there’s not a single study showing harm from so-called 'transgender conversion therapy.' It could, in fact, be desperately needed, since up to 80 percent of minors with gender dysphoria will desist at puberty." - Breakpoint

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I think the law is terrible, and the rotten Liberals used parliamentary tricks to ram it through, I think. However, most of the commentary tends to overstate what the law is saying, at least as far as I can see. For reference, here is a link to the first reading of the bill. I don't think the wording substantially changed through the third reading (passage step).

I offer the link so that those interested can compare commentary with the actual bill to see if the comments are accurate. In my opinion, there is some ambiguity in the bill that will perhaps result in court cases if anyone tries to enforce this. (I am not a lawyer, of course.)

And regardless, the bill won't change anything I say or do when I encountered people trapped in any particular sin.

Don Johnson
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