Taking a Stand Against Canadian Law and Culture

"While I see some precedent in the Scripture for exercising individual legal rights (Paul under arrest by the Romans, for example), I find no precedent for church involvement in any attempt to influence government in any way. The New Testament, as far as I know, gives no mandate for political activism." - Don Johnson 

Context: Conversion therapy is now illegal in Canada and John McArthur: A Call to Pastors to Stand United on Biblical Sexual Morality

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I just can't stand hockey, Tim Horton's, and people who say "I'm sorry" all the time.  

Actually, no, but I just couldn't resist.  

Regarding political activism and the subject Don was trying to get at, on the serious side, I'm of the understanding that Canadian (and UK) law does not have a theoretically fixed point of reference like the Constitution, and that sometimes generates results that seem positively bewildering to us here in the U.S., even those familiar with a lot of "judicial activism".

What should our response be?  Well, Canadians don't have, in many regards, the firm footing that we do "south of the border" (Ohla!), nor even the footing that the Apostle Paul had in Acts 16 as a Roman citizen.  That said, I think we do do well at times to stand up to the unjust use of authority, as Jesus noted that even an unjust magistrate will partially repent and procure justice for someone who speaks up.  If John the Baptist could tell soldiers to be content with their pay, if Paul could appeal to Ceasar, etc.., then we can choose to do similarly.

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